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Project Ideas

There are many ways you and your students can participate in this project. It’s primary purpose is really two-fold: first, to engage Florida’s students in the history of their state, and second, to preserve the many pockets of historical significance that exist here!

Prior to starting the project, it is recommended that the teacher spend some time gathering some information about history in the area. Gathering a few images, sharing local history and/or local folklore, and showing websites relating historical information to students will help you determine what they already know and get them excited about the project to come. You may also start by asking some simple questions, such as:

➢ Who knows something or someone from history that has a connection to where we live?
➢ Who lived in our town 200 years ago? 100 years ago?
➢ Why was our town created? What did they used to do here for a living?
➢ How long has your family lived here?

Historical Significance
We ask that any projects you upload to the site have historical significance in the state of Florida. While students may want to focus on family histories, which are certainly important, we are interested in finding those defining moments, people, and ways of life that shaped the area in which we live. This distinction should be discussed with students early on so that they fully understand what is expected.

The project included here is just one example of a project you might present to your students. Along with the project is a sample rubric, so that students know what the success criteria will be for their work. We always recommend that you set up your projects in this way – with clear directions and a rubric – to maximize students’ opportunity for success!

As we move forward with the site and student additions to it, we are very excited to see your creativity (and that of your students) in action! Should you have questions regarding use of the site, appropriate resources to use, or project types, please do not hesitate to contact us. Additionally, we welcome any feedback!

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