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Project Suggestions

Looking for ideas? Don’t know where to start? Below are suggestions that I have found across our great state.

Ray Charles childhood home in Greenville (near Tallahassee).
The Peanut Island Kennedy Bunker near West Palm Beach.

With the goal of creating multimedia projects that help tell the history of Florida, teachers have a great deal of latitude in how their students can present the information.

Ideally, students will create a video with a length of 2-5 minutes that will tell the story of the location or event that occurred in particular location. One of the easiest projects that you will find on the ideas page is a picture of a road side historical marker with images of the surrounding area and a recording of the marker text. Another simple project idea is for the teacher to visit local sites of historical significance, take digital images of the surrounding area and then have students research the location or have guest speakers visit the class and tell about the significance of the area. The project is only limited to the imagination of the students.

There are a few guiding principles that must be followed.
1. All content (images, video, audio, etc) contained in the project must be original, in the public domain, or accompanied by documentation with permission to use.
2. Project subject matter must be of an event that occurred at least 50 years ago.
3. If a project will focus on an individual then the focus should be on how that individual had a positive effect on the community.
4. Projects may also try to tell the story of a community or things that make the community unique.

You will find on the “ideas” page a number of different ways to engage your students in the Florida history that is in their backyard.

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